From green to yellow

The lemons are beginning to look like lemons now, rather than large limes. The colour progression is a like watching a colour wheel in an art class, the gradual transition, shade by shade, deeper colours where the skin seems thicker. Can’t wait for the first lemon sorbet.

5 to remember
la progresión – the progression
una clase de arte – an art class
la transición gradual – the gradual transition
más adentro – deeper
no puedo esperar a que – I can’t wait for

A bee, awake too early

The first week in February, so I am amazed to see this dozy visitor. bee2 9-2-15A honeybee, at a guess it is the Western Honeybee, found worldwide. I don’t think he should have woken up. Night-time temperatures vary from 1°C to 6°C, daytime hovers around 10°C. Not weather for bees. bee1 9-2-15bee3 9-2-15bee4 9-2-15bee5 9-2-155 to remember
estoy asombrado/a – I am amazed
amodorrado/a – dozy
un/una visitante – a visitor
por todo el mundo – worldwide
por la noche – night-time

The first blossom in the valley

The blossom is late here this year, colder temperatures have delayed the almond and cherry blossom. blossom2 9-2-15I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is the first in the valley and so is a cause for celebration. Almond blossom too early = a poor almond harvest as the blooms will be killed by frost. Now is about the right time. So fingers crossed for a good almond crop, last year’s was non-existent. blossom1 9-2-155 to remember
retresado/a – delayed
una fiesta – a celebration
¡a buena suerte! – fingers crossed
una cosecha – a crop
non-existente – non-existent

Fresh life

At this time of year we look for every sign that winter is ending and spring is on its way. The nights are still cold, though we are not high enough for snow it does dust the high peaks of the Sierra de las Nieves. rose shoots 9-2-15ivy leaf 9-2-15But look closely and we find new leaves and flower buds waiting for a spot of hot sunshine. honeysuckle leaf 9-2-15geranium leaf 9-2-15flowering rosemary 9-2-155 to remember
un brote –a  shoot [on a plant]
el final – the ending
no suficientemente alto – not high enough
la cima – the peak
un capullo – a flower bud [on a plant]