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White lace

The roadsides are dominated at the moment by the white lacy flowers of Wild Carrot, a name that seriously underplays the beauty of the flower. Tall and elegant, waving in the lazy summer breeze, they are similar to Cow Parsley in the UK as both belong to the carrot family. white lace and yellow spikes 1-7-14white lace shadow 1-7-14white lace flower1 1-7-14white lace seedhead2 1-7-14The Wild Carrot umbrel can be up to 10cm across, each individual white or cream flower measures 3mm.

The black flower at the centre of the umbrel helps pollination: flies visit the black flower, followed by other flies, with the dark flowers acting as a fly-attractor. white lace flower2 1-7-14Once the flowers start to die and the seeds to form, the umbrel curls up like half-cupped palm. white lace transition from flower to seeds 1-7-14white lace purple seedhead 1-7-14white lace seedhead1 1-7-14white lace seedhead4 1-7-14Once the seedheads are dried, they become part of the familiar golden scene throughout the Andalucía summer. white lace seedhead3 against blue sky 1-7-14white lace at edge of wheat field 1-7-145 to remember
el borde de la carretera – the roadside
suscitar – to attract
el encaje – the lace
elegante – elegant
la polinización – the pollination

Four months of pink

The dominant colour of wildflowers is pink, from the deepest purple to the palest rose.

In March… pink rock rose 26-3-13pink wildflowers1 26-3-13pink wildflowers3 26-3-13In April… pink wildflower in april 28-4-11In May… pink wildflowers in may2 1-5-13In June… pink1 1-6-145 to remember
dominante – dominant
el color – the colour
rosa – pink
morado – purple
un mes – a month


It never ceases to amaze me that the Spanish wildflowers seem to flower in unison according to colour. In early March, arriving at Malaga airport, the earth was covered with yellow flowers. Once the yellow has gone it will be pink, and there seems to be an infinite variety of pink wildflowers. poppy - unfurling 28-4-11But for me, the most glorious of all is the poppy. Arriving sometime in April, depending on the sun and showers of spring, it is the king of red flowers. poppy1 28-4-11 (2)5 to remember
al unísono – in unison
según – according to
infinito/a – infinite
más maravilloso/a que todo – most glorious of all
el rey – the king

Walking along the Thyme Track one summer morning

The track changes character with the seasons. the track3 25-8-13This morning the pink earth is dusty, concrete hard, cracked in places. horse corner 25-8-13The weeds are golden, seedheads dried and preserved in golden globes. seedhead 25-8-13Rare are the flowers, a cloud of jasmine-like white stars, a single pink mallow, a hawthorne bush with early berries.early hawthorne berries 25-8-13white flowers 25-8-13The track leads us away from our secret valley, around the corner to the right into a smaller valley. The river runs through it, quieter here without waterfalls but with a couple of narrow corners where the water rushes noisily. pink flower among the dry gold 25-8-13jose antonio's valley2 25-8-13Always along this track we disturb blackbirds, their fluting calls melting into the warning rattle shreee.jose antonio's valley1 25-8-13the track1 25-8-135 to remember
el camino – track
el carácter – character
las estaciónes – the seasons
el hormigón – concrete
rajado/a – cracked the track through the P's olive grove 25-8-13