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Fifty Shades of Green #23

A fresh green wildflower growing amongst stones. A Euphorbia. March 16, 2013

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Fifty Shades of Blue #29

Wild borage is flowering at every corner of the valley. May 17, 2014 

I use this book to help identify wildflowers in the secret valley… Common Wildflowers of Spain by Austen Colwell. Amazon UK

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The white wildflowers are my favourites. There is something pleasing about the juxtaposition of white and green and, at the time the white wildflowers are everywhere, the spring hills are at their greenest. That said, there are so many different shades of white I struggle to describe them without sounding like colour names on a paint chart. So, here are some whiteish wildflowers, photographed on my morning walks along the tracks.

5 to remember
la yuxtaposición – the juxtaposition
por todas partes – everywhere
más verde – greenest
me esfuerzo por – I struggle to
un gráfico de la pintura – a paint chart

‘Common Wildflowers of Spain’ by Austen Colwell [UK: Santana]

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Single Poppies

Think of poppies and the image that comes to mind is a field of young wheat, flowing in the spring breeze, scattered with the scarlet dots of poppies. Here, poppies are more likely to grow singly. They prefer disturbed ground, hence why they are found commonly on agricultural ground. Here we see them on the ploughed earth of the olive groves.

5 to remember
solo/a -single
la imagen – the image
un campo – a field
escarlata – scarlet
comúnmente – commonly


Shall we just admire these yellow wildflowers, no words needed.
Crown Daisy
Colt’s Foot
Goldilocks Buttercup

5 to remember
admirar – to admire
sólo – just [only]
innecesario – not needed
un botón de oro – a buttercup
una margarita – a daisy


Anyone who knows me is aware that pink is not my favourite colour, I go out of my way to avoid it. But there is one exception, and that is the wildflowers that grow here. The faintest blush pink, almost white, are my favourites. Some I know: ground ivy, herb rocket and tufted vetch, others are a mystery but a welcome sight in spring.

5 to remember
nadie – anyone
una excepción – one exception
rubor rosa – blush pink
ligero – faintest
un espectáculo de bienvenida – a welcome sight

White lace

The roadsides are dominated at the moment by the white lacy flowers of Wild Carrot, a name that seriously underplays the beauty of the flower. Tall and elegant, waving in the lazy summer breeze, they are similar to Cow Parsley in the UK as both belong to the carrot family. white lace and yellow spikes 1-7-14white lace shadow 1-7-14white lace flower1 1-7-14white lace seedhead2 1-7-14The Wild Carrot umbrel can be up to 10cm across, each individual white or cream flower measures 3mm.

The black flower at the centre of the umbrel helps pollination: flies visit the black flower, followed by other flies, with the dark flowers acting as a fly-attractor. white lace flower2 1-7-14Once the flowers start to die and the seeds to form, the umbrel curls up like half-cupped palm. white lace transition from flower to seeds 1-7-14white lace purple seedhead 1-7-14white lace seedhead1 1-7-14white lace seedhead4 1-7-14Once the seedheads are dried, they become part of the familiar golden scene throughout the Andalucía summer. white lace seedhead3 against blue sky 1-7-14white lace at edge of wheat field 1-7-145 to remember
el borde de la carretera – the roadside
suscitar – to attract
el encaje – the lace
elegante – elegant
la polinización – the pollination