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Watch… the swallows diving

An early evening ritual here is the diving of swallows, swifts and house martins over the pool.
The sky can be full of separate flocks as they catch insects at dusk, then dive down to drink. They don’t seem to mind either the chlorine in the water, or us. Often we will be swimming up and down, as swallows dive around us executing 360 degree turns to avoid collision with us, with each other, with the edge of the pool. It is lovely to watch, their exuberance is catching and you can’t help but think they are having a whale of a time. Whee…….

5 to remember
la golondrina – swallow
el vencejo – swift
el avion comun – house martin
la bandada – flock
el cloro – chlorine

Ever wondered what a gecko sounds like?

We were sitting in the shade under the pergola, enjoying a late morning cafelito and agua, watching a ‘bootcut’ eagle circling over the olive grove on the hilltop opposite. He was alone, but was still calling, kli-kli-kli, when suddenly there was a different call. Click on the video below to listen…

It was a gecko, hidden somewhere in the honeysuckle and jasmine which climb up from plant pots, through the rough roof of brezo de mimbre [wicker roofing] into the sunshine. The geckos are so difficult to spot, so shy. We know they get into the house through the air bricks. D found one two days ago behind the fridge. Possibly this is why our house is relatively bug-free, for saying we live in the middle of the country.
Seeing or hearing a gecko is always a treat.
5 to remember
la sombra – shade
de enfrente – opposite
solo/a – alone
las macetas – plant pots
el video – video

The sound of summer on the Thyme Track

We woke early this morning and took the opportunity to go for a walk before the heat made the prospect too daunting. We walked along the Thyme Track, the quietest part of the valley, past Horse Corner, now a mass of golden grasses, past Hermano’s olive grove [belonging to Pablo’s brother], to the end of the valley where the path fades out into nothing and we can go no further.
We stopped, to listen to the silence, revelling in the lack of noise pollution. No planes overhead, no strimmers, no mopeds… and unusually, no tractors.
5 to remember
temprano/a – early
la oportunidad – opportunity
desalentador/a – daunting
la perspectiva – prospect [situation envisaged]
muchísimo/a – masses

Fast water

It takes more than a few days without rain for the level of the river to drop. Lots of verbs and adjectives are appropriate when watching the power of the river here. Pounding, splashing, crashing, violent, unstoppable …all seem insignificant when expressing the force of the current.

5 to remember
la fuerza – force
el verbo – verb
apropiado/a – appropriate
la corriente – current
el adjectivo – adjective

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