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Gold-tipped sky

Sometimes here we get the hint of a sunset, as if the clouds are tipped in gold. Or apricot jam. sky1 12-10-14sky2 12-10-14sky3 12-10-14sky4 12-10-145 to remember
a veces – sometimes
la pista – the hint/clue
la mermelada de albaricoque – the apricot jam
aquí – here
las nubes – the clouds


You know that evening pastime in Jane Austen novels, where one person would sit as still as a statue while their companion cut out their silhouette in paper? Sometimes, the light here at sunset falls in such a way that it makes me want to get out the paper and scissors.  on brink of sunset 8-10-13sunset through walnut tree 7-10-135 to remember
el pasatiempo – the pastime
una novela – a novel
la estatua – the statue
el/la compañero/a – companion
la silueta – the silhouette

Feathers in the sky

Some sunsets are initiated by dust storms, others by the con trails of airplanes. So the sky this night must be made by birds, their wing tips dipped in gold, white and silver, their feathers leaving the thinnest trails behind as they soar high.sunset6 8-10-13sunset7 8-10-13sunset8 8-10-13sunset9 8-10-13sunset10 8-10-13sunset11 8-10-13 sunset12 8-10-13sunset2 8-10-13sunset1 8-10-13

sunset3 8-10-13

sunset4 8-10-13sunset5 8-10-135 to remember
la pluma – feather
una tormenta de polvo – dust storm
una ala de pájaro –  a bird’s wing
la punta – tip [of wing]
delgado/a – thin