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March in the valley

March, and the verges are full of yellow wildflowers. Mostly gorse, but all of it welcome. Some days the sky is grey, but more often than not it is a beautiful Royal Blue, reminding us that we are one step away from Spring. olive trees pruned4 15-3-13 (3)Now is the time for activity outdoors. The weeds are already growing. Dry sunny days are ideal for outside jobs such as repairing terrace tiles, painting exterior walls, and planning the contents of our terrace plant pots. Every day that we go for a walk, the valley changes. The ivy is greener. The olive trees, pruned after the harvest, are sprouting new growth.

This is what we see around us. jose antonio's valley2 15-3-13 (2)jose antonio's valley3 15-3-13 (2)thyme track2 15-3-13 (2)thyme track3 15-3-13 (2)hillside to right of track by P's casita1 26-3-13 (2)tree covered in ivy 26-3-13 (2)hillside to right of track by P's casita2 26-3-13 (2)5 to remember
los bordes – the verges
la aulaga – the gorse
grato/a – welcome [change or news]
la primavera – spring
al aire libre – outdoors

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Cherry blossom and buds

These buds are so beautiful, one tiny piece of evidence, the proof that winter is turning into spring. cherry blossom bud - close-up1 10-3-14cherry blossom and moon1 10-3-14cherry blossom bud - close-up2 10-3-14cherry blossom and moon2 10-3-14cherry blossom bud - close-up3 10-3-14cherry blossom1 10-3-145 to remember
diminuto/a – tiny
las pruebas – the evidence
el invierno – the winter
un capullo – a flower bud
las pruebas – the proof