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King of the Pool House Roof

Unlike the UK where sparrows are sadly an increasingly rare sighting, here we live side-by-side with Spanish sparrows. In truth, I think we live in their territory not they in ours. The pool house roof [below] definitely belongs to them.They are relentlessly cheerful birds which, if you are not careful, you can bestow with human emotions:-the pool house roof 7-8-13Curiosity – when they look at you with their head tipped to one side;
Hunger – hopping towards you, hopping from one foot to another, watching you eat, waiting for tibits;
Anger – face-to-face shouting battles, Spanish style mano a mano [a bullfighting term which literally means one bullfighter against the other] on the roof of our little pool house;
Protection of home – patrolling roof of said pool house where nests are hidden in the tiles;
Domination – keeping watch at the pinnacle of the pool house roof, chattering loudly at challengers;
Sexual flirtation and predation – males hopping towards a female who lands on the roof, stalking her from tile to tile, and finally jumping on top when she is looking the other way. spanish sparrow - photo birdingbytrain.com 14-8-13Thanks to Marcel Gil Velasco for this great pic. Read his blog at http://birdingbytrain.wordpress.com/
5 to remember
raro/a – rare
el territorio – territory
implacablemente – relentlessly
jovial – cheerful
la curiosidad – curiosity