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Four minutes of the sky at night…

…during four minutes on March 26th, 2013.

At 19.22, grey night-time sky at one side of the valley… sky at 19.22 1 26-3-13… still some blue sky to the west. sky at 19.22 2 26-3-13sky at 19.22 3 26-3-13At 19.24, the dark of night falls to the east… sky at 19.24 1 26-3-13… but fine clouds high up still move on the wind in the west. sky at 19.24 2 26-3-13At 19.25, the grey gradually pushes the brilliant blue into the west at the end of the day. sky at 19.25 1 26-3-13sky at 19.25 2 26-3-13sky at 19.25 3 26-3-13sky at 19.25 4 26-3-135 to remember
durante – during
cuatro minutos – four minutes
el marzo – March
dos mil trece – 2013
gradualmente – gradually

Mist after rain

This morning the mist was so thick we couldn’t see beyond the terrace. It was as if we were standing on the edge of a cliff, a bit like the film Gorillas in the Mist except we have neither Dian Fossey/Sigourney Weaver nor gorillas here. But it is a reminder that we are 500m above sea level. Today the temperature is predicted to be 13° while on the coast at Marbella it is 18°. Up here, with the gorillas, sound was deadened, nothing moved, no birds sang, even the ants were not marching across the terrace. mist after rain1 19-3-13 (2)mist after rain4 19-3-13 (2)mist after rain2 19-3-13 (2)5 to remember
como – as if
el borde – the edge
un precipio – a cliff
una película – a film
un gorila – a gorilla

How quickly the sky changes

On this day last year we had the mother of all storms here. Soon, the sky cleared and there was no evidence in the sky of the tormenta. Nature’s way, I guess, of moving on. The wind chases the grey clouds away… so the sun and blue sky start to dry the sodden ground. after the storm has gone1 1-4-13after the storm has gone2 1-4-13sky after storm1 19-3-13 (2)sky after storm2 19-3-13 (2)to remember
el año pasado – last year
rápido/a – quickly
las pruebas – the evidence
pronto – soon
una tormenta – a storm