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The River

No, not the album by Bruce Springsteen. Our river is fascinating, upstream and downstream, it changes character as it twists and turns. It one place it is fast, in a hurry, more water rushing past than can be measured, splashing down waterfalls, carrying overhanging branches with it as it hurries downstream. But turn a corner and it slows, takes its time, becomes transparent, pausing in pools, revealing the secrets beneath the surface.

Read a bit more about the Rio Corbones here.

5 to remember
río arriba – upstream
río abajo – downstream
salpicadando/a – splashing
estar pendiente sobre – to overhang
debajo de la superficie – beneath the surface

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The Río Corbones

Who would have known it, our little river marks the beginning of a rather large one.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

It is the Río Corbones, is 177km long, and rises in the hills near our little village, the village so small it doesn’t appear on maps! From start to finish, it has a vertical drop of 780m. It is fed to left and right by tiny streams until the Corbones becomes a tributary to the mighty Guadalquivir River which finds its way to the sea in the Golfo de Cádiz [see map above]. river, the water is low 17-6-15It has a split personality. In summer [above]: languid and lazy, more difficult to see for the riverside trees and shrubs. In winter [below]: feisty and fast, the water crashes down to two waterfalls.

We can track its course along the bottom of the valley [bottom] by following the line of trees, including the poplars so beloved of the Golden Orioles. the valley2 23-9-155 to remember
las colinas – the hills
un mapa – a map
una caída vertical – a vertical drop
un afluente – a tributary
poderoso/a – mighty