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Cherry blossom and buds

These buds are so beautiful, one tiny piece of evidence, the proof that winter is turning into spring. cherry blossom bud - close-up1 10-3-14cherry blossom and moon1 10-3-14cherry blossom bud - close-up2 10-3-14cherry blossom and moon2 10-3-14cherry blossom bud - close-up3 10-3-14cherry blossom1 10-3-145 to remember
diminuto/a – tiny
las pruebas – the evidence
el invierno – the winter
un capullo – a flower bud
las pruebas – the proof

February in the valley

It’s an odd February this year, one day it’s t-shirts and the beginnings of a suntan, the next is log fire and woolly jumpers. the first pink wildflower this spring in the valley 11-2-15As usual, the valley lags behind the coast as it awakens from the winter. But the signs are there if you look closely.

5 to remember
una camiseta – a t-shirt
un bronceado – a suntan
un jumper de lana – a woolly jumper
se queda atrás – it lags behind
los señales – the signs

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January in the valley

At this time, we expect everything to be dead or hibernating. thyme track1 28-1-15But a walk along The Thyme Track [above] proves and disproves that expectation. Dead leaves, dead grass. Yes…a few leaves, hanging on1 28-1-15a few leaves, hanging on2 28-1-15dead grass beside the track 28-1-15dead leaves underfoot 28-1-15Rain, lots of it. Yes, and no… puddle on the track 28-1-15dry track, dry drainage ditch 28-1-15Nothing growing. No… fresh green growth1 28-1-15fresh green growth2 28-1-15fresh sprigs of olive growth 28-1-15Bleached colours, no flowers, bare twigs and branches. Not everywhere, if you look carefully… jose antonio's valley1 28-1-15glorious tree 28-1-15gorse 28-1-15pale golden tree 28-1-15white daisy wildflower 28-1-15No sign of procreation… except this bird’s nest left from last year and being guarded noisily by blackbirds. last year's bird nest 28-1-15

If you look for life, it is there.
5 to remember
la esperanza – the expectation
la hibernación – the hibernation
la procreación – the procreation
un nido – a bird’s nest
ruidosamente – noisily

The threshing patch through the year

The ancient threshing patch located in the middle of our olive grove is a benchmark of the seasons. 3 threshing patch 17-3-13In March [above], the grass sodden by winter is flattened… 4 threshing patch 28-4-11April [above] and there is lush new grass with a splash of red poppies… 7 threshing patch 9-7-14July [above] and the summer heat is rising and the green is now tined with golden grass… 8 the threshing patch 24-8-14August [above] and the threshing patch is golden and parched, like the earth surrounding it. No rain since February… 10 threshing patch 9-10-13In October [above] the grass is now shoulder-high, sprinkled with yellow autumn wildflowers… 11 threshing patch - burnt 17-11-13November [above] and the leaves are golden on the trees. Pablo has burnt the grass from the threshing patch to allow it to renew for the new season. Next spring we expect an abundance of wildflowers here.
5 to remember
reseco/a – parched
de alrededor – surrounding
a la altura del hombro – shoulder-high
ha quemado – has burnt
una abundancia – an abundance

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The old blue bridge

Everywhere around the countryside here, things are done the old way. It is a reminder that Spain lost decades of development during the Franco era while the rest of Europe recovered post-war. Many of these ways are because of lack of money or lack of an alternative way, others are retained because they still work and therefore do not need replacing. There is a make-do-and-mend mentality here which chimes with the modern idea of sustainability and ‘Reduce Re-use Recycle’. the old blue bridge1 26-3-13This footbridge is a remnant of the olden days. It crosses the river at the foot of our valley and is the only alternative if the road bridge is flooded. It is precarious and our neighbours use it only when they have absolutely no other choice. the old blue bridge2 26-3-135 to remember
la mentalidad – the mentality
la sostenibilidad – sustainability
los vecinos – the neighbours
precario/a – precarious
la elección – the choice

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