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Whose tail is this?

When I opened the door I stepped back, at first glance I thought this was a long, dried-up, dead worm. On closer inspection it was something more fascinating: the tail of a lizard. lizard tail 14-5-14Six inches long, so its owner must have been a fair size; say 10-12 inches in total. Before his loss. I’ve heard that lizards lose their tails in pursuit, in danger, in panic. It is said that the tail continues to wriggle after it is shed. For sure, something large and hungry was chasing the tail’s owner. We will never know the full story.

5 to remember
a primera vista – at first glance
reseco/a – dried-up
un gusano – a worm
en una inspección más cercana – on closer inspection
en persecución – in pursuit

Wild Animals’ [RSPB Pocket Nature]

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Frightening the lizards

Today we saw three lizards, each was an Iberian wall lizard with yellow stripes along the length of its body. They are often easy to spot first thing in the morning, lying in a patch of sun to heat up. Sometimes they lay on the log pile, other times beside a terracotta plant pot. That’s where they were today, and that’s why we saw them – because workmen came today to install new external metal shutters on the bedroom windows.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

5 to remember
la lagartija – Spanish wall lizard
las persianas – shutters
la maceta – plant pot
la ventana – window
tres – three