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A River Runs Through It

With all the rain we’ve been having, the water drains off all the hills around us into the river which runs through our valley. Which means our waterfall looks like something out of an action movie.
waterfall in febThe noise of the water flowing over the fall is an ever-present accompaniment at the moment to the rain. Which is good news for us, as there should be no shortage of water from our spring: we are not connected to mains water, so are self-sufficient. But as we have seen in previous wet springs, too much rain can be a bad thing for the farmers. Sometimes, the land simply slumps and takes with it down the slope all the seedlings which are just starting to peep through. The last thing our neighbours need is another year of poor crops.

5 to remember
a nuestro alrededor – around us
lo que significa – which means
la cascada – the waterfall
una película de acción – an action movie
autosuficiente – self-sufficient

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