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Geology of the rocks

The landscape here is dominated by great craggy outcrops of rock, from the heights of the Serranía de Ronda to El Torcal near Antequera and the Sierra de las Nieves. punto de interes geologico1 10-10-14The rock is a mixture of sandstone, clay and marl, this mixture I guess being responsible for some of the most eye-catching rock formation. Clay and sandstone alternate so the landscape is moulded by wind and rain, making it fertile agricultural land. rock1 10-10-14rock2 10-10-14rock3 10-10-14view1 10-10-145 to remember
el paisaje – the landscape
los afloramientos – outcrops
la arenisca – the sandstone
la arcilla – the clay
la marga – the marl

Magnificent limestone

Everywhere we turn, here, we are surrounded by jagged limestone peaks. rockface on left on road to canete 12-10-13The rock gives the area its identity: rough, rugged, bare, tough vegetation survives in the narrowest of cracks. limestone crag on road to canete 12-10-13Rocky cliffs are home to birds of prey, particularly the griffon vultures which we see practically every day, circling on thermals, rising high, or in a stream of sometimes over 50, flying with purpose towards a no doubt grisly corpse, led by the scent. They, too, are a magnificent sight.near canete 12-10-13The limestone is an accepted part of the scenery, the farmers simply plough around the small outcrops which dot the wide fields. Nature is bigger than one farmer, bigger than one man. small outcrops, farmer ploughs around 12-10-13

5 to remember
la caliza – limestone
la cima – the peak
áspero/a – rough
escarpado/a – rugged
la vegetación – vegetation