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The tiniest gecko

I disturbed this guy when I opened the kitchen gate. He ran along the wall and hid behind the wheelie bin. He was only one inch long and the palest of cream colours. Beautiful. the tiniest gecko 25-8-13When I returned with my camera he was still in the same place. After that there followed a small dance of to-ing and fro-ing as he tried to get out of my way and I tried to get a second photograph. I stopped trying, in the end, because I didn’t want to frighten him to death. the gas bottle store 26-8-13A family of geckos lives in our gas bottle store. We have no mains gas here so use huge 35kg tall blue bottles of propano, propane, which are kept in a locked cage. I guess he’s the baby of the family.
5 to remember
lo abrí – I opened it
la puerta de la cocina – kitchen gate
el contenedor de basura con ruedas – wheelie bin
pálido/a – pale
crema – cream [the colour]

Ever wondered what a gecko sounds like?

We were sitting in the shade under the pergola, enjoying a late morning cafelito and agua, watching a ‘bootcut’ eagle circling over the olive grove on the hilltop opposite. He was alone, but was still calling, kli-kli-kli, when suddenly there was a different call. Click on the video below to listen…

It was a gecko, hidden somewhere in the honeysuckle and jasmine which climb up from plant pots, through the rough roof of brezo de mimbre [wicker roofing] into the sunshine. The geckos are so difficult to spot, so shy. We know they get into the house through the air bricks. D found one two days ago behind the fridge. Possibly this is why our house is relatively bug-free, for saying we live in the middle of the country.
Seeing or hearing a gecko is always a treat.
5 to remember
la sombra – shade
de enfrente – opposite
solo/a – alone
las macetas – plant pots
el video – video