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Cloud punctuation

You know how some days you look at the sky and see pictures in the clouds… how their disintegration happens as slowly as an ice cube melting? Well I seem to be seeing punctuation…

@ symbol 23-9-15forward slash 23-9-15> right arrow 23-9-15underline 23-9-15… or do I have too much time on my hands?

5 to remember
la desintegración – the disintegration
la puntuacion – the punctuation
lo más lentamente – as slowly as
un cubo de hielo – an ice cube
disolverse – to melt/dissolve

A painted sky

Today there are layers of cloud in the sky, as if painted one by one by a watercolour artist. cloud effects1 26-3-13The foundation sky is ultramarine, that deep dense blue so familiar from picture postcards of summer holidays. cloud effects3 26-3-13The next layer is white fluffy cumulus clouds, white, like cotton wool. cloud effects4 26-3-13Drifting across the top are thin clouds in shades of what my Winsor & Newton oil paint chart suggests may be Payne’s Grey and Silver in horizontal lines as if drawn by a charcoal pencil or sketched by the wind. cloud effects2 26-3-135 to remember
un estrato – layer
la nube – cloud
el pincel – paintbrush
ultramarino – ultramarine
la tarjeta – postcard