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Fifty Shades of Blue #1

second flowering on wild fennel, looking into the sky 25-8-13Second flowering of wild fennel. August 25, 2013.

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Reflections of light

The blueness of the water in our pool never ceases to give a shot of colour pleasure when I see it each sunny day. I know the end of summer is coming, but this makes me believe in an Indian Summer. I know this is a reflection of the blue sky but there’s something pleasing about the combination of bright blue water, green hillside, and blue sky. pool reflection1 7-8-13pool reflection2 7-8-13pool reflection3 7-8-13And this effect is not limited to a summer’s day, it can happen midwinter when the sun is low but still bright. pot in the pool 13-8-135 to remember
el azul – blueness
el placer – pleasure
la luz reflejada – reflection/reflected light
la combinación – combination
fuerte – bright