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Watch… the swallows diving

An early evening ritual here is the diving of swallows, swifts and house martins over the pool.
The sky can be full of separate flocks as they catch insects at dusk, then dive down to drink. They don’t seem to mind either the chlorine in the water, or us. Often we will be swimming up and down, as swallows dive around us executing 360 degree turns to avoid collision with us, with each other, with the edge of the pool. It is lovely to watch, their exuberance is catching and you can’t help but think they are having a whale of a time. Whee…….

5 to remember
la golondrina – swallow
el vencejo – swift
el avion comun – house martin
la bandada – flock
el cloro – chlorine

Watch… early morning sun and breeze in the big walnut tree

This is my favourite time of day, before breakfast, sitting on the terrace with a cup of tea, looking south and watching the sun creep its way around the valley from the east. The sun, the shadows, the rippling of the leaves, the peace and quiet…

5 to remember
la brisa – breeze
grande – big
antes de – before [in time]
una taza de té – a cup of tea
el sur – the south