Waiting for the olive harvest to begin

The olive harvest has been delayed this year by much needed rain at the last minute. Much needed by the olives, water fattens them, but irritating for the farmers who have had to delay their schedule, postpone the arrival of machinery and men. So they are patient. Rushing in too soon after rain can mean heavy machinery becoming bogged down. Yesterday the valley echoed to the sound of chainsaws as men surveyed the groves already harvested and started with the annual pruning. Smoke soon follows as the cut twigs and branches are burned. Thin spirals of pale grey twist upwards into a clear blue sky.

And the next morning, while it was still dark, car after car head into the wilds, along tracks deep into the olive groves, to pre-agreed meeting points where coffee, bread and fiery spirits are dispensed as the sun rises and the picking machines stand ready.

5 to remember
posponer – to postpone
en el último minuto – at the last minute
empantanado – bogged down
las espirales delgadas – the thin spirals
todavía oscuro – still dark

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