March in the valley

March is not the same here every year, the vagaries of the weather mean Spring can arrive early or late. We wait for wildflowers which may run two-three weeks later if the wind is chilly. Often, all that is needed to prompt growth is a good shower of rain followed by sunshine. March is the stepping-stone month, the transition from Winter to Spring and the promise of Spring’s warmth and explosion of growth. a patch of charlock 17-3-16bare fig branches reach to blue sky 17-3-16green ivy on bare tree trunk 17-3-16pale yellow wildflower 23-3-16pink rock rose 23-3-16pink sunset1 19-3-16poplars, grey1 17-3-16prickly pear 17-3-16silvered thistle 23-3-16silvered walnut branches & yellow lichen1 17-3-16white wildflower - daisy 23-3-16silvered walnut branches & yellow lichen2 17-3-16yellow wildflower - crown daisy1 23-3-16view towards Cuevas 23-3-16yellow wildflower - cypress spurge 23-3-16white wildflower1 23-3-16yellow wildflower - crown daisy2 23-3-165 to remember
no es el mísmo – not the same
todos los años – every year
los caprichos de – the vagaries of
esperamos – we wait for
para solicitor – to prompt

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