Sunset stripes

Sunrise and sunset: can you tell the difference? I’m not sure I can. I used to think the colours of sunset more brilliant than those early in the morning, until I realized my perception was based on the simple fact that I see more sunsets than sunrises. However I suspect that if I took a sleeping pill and awoke not knowing what day or time it was, I would not be able to correctly identify sunrise or sunset. So, do we know which is which based on our perception of the hours before? Below are three sunset photos taken within two minutes of each other.

5 to remember
la diferencia – the difference
mi percepcion – my perception
el simple hecho de que – the simple fact that
sospecho que – I suspect that
una píldora para dormer – a sleeping pill

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Stripes in the sky: winter sunset in #Spain via @Spanish_Valley

6 thoughts on “Sunset stripes

  1. Sandra

    If I were guessing, I would have labelled the left-hand photo as a sunset and the other two as sunrises. As you say; how to tell without context! Either way, both are welcome and very beautiful. I never fail to appreciate a sunrise or a sunset.


  2. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    When I was young (foolish, silly, impulsive) I loved to stay up all night and welcome the sunrise over the ocean, then go to sleep for the day. Must admit, it didn’t work well with college classes. :0



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