Cheesy scone bake

This is a fast-to-make scone recipe, which eats just as well the next day, and fills the house with the smell of cheese. No messy rolling-out or cutting. Easy, honest. This is our Spanish gluten-free version using Manchego instead of cheddar, and Spanish olives.  platefulIn the spirit of experimentation, we have been trying different versions. The sun-dried tomato scone [below] is excellent, simply substitute the chopped olives for the same quantity of chopped sun-dried tomatoes. with sun-dried tomatoes5 to remember
en lugar de – instead of
se parece – it resembles
la masa – the dough
aumentado/a – risen
una rejilla de alambre – a wire rack

In the baking mood? Make this too:-
An English cake in Spain… iced lemon cake
Oh so sticky… chocolate flapjack
Perfect pear cake

mary berry's ultimate cake book 20-1-14


This recipe is adapted from Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book’ by Mary Berry [UK: BBC Books]

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