Through the year/poplars

Like a line of full stops along the riverbank, the poplars are an everlasting presence. Their transition from bare trunk to the fully-leaved summer home of the golden orioles, through to their autumn bronze and copper tones, they are one of the first landmarks to catch my eye. Here they are through every month of the year.
January… 1-poplar-silver1February… 2-poplarsMarch… 3-poplars-grey1April… 4-april-poplars-in-the-valleyMay… 5-may-poplarsJune… 6-poplars3July… 7-poplars2August… 8-august-morning-sun-on-the-poplarsSeptember… 9-the-poplars2October… 10-oct-poplarNovember… 11-nov-poplar-going-goldDecember… 12-poplars15 to remember
un punto – a full stop
perpetuo/a – everlasting
la transición – the transition
cobrizo/a – copper [colour]
un punto de referencia – a landmark


‘Hamlyn Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe’ [UK: Hamlyn]

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4 thoughts on “Through the year/poplars

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    A seasonal lapse of this grand tree – how lovely. I don’t think poplars grow much in Southern California, though the climate should be good for them. Maybe I don’t notice, or maybe I think I see cedar when I see poplar. I’ll have to look more carefully.



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