Yellow autumn

What colour do you see when you think of autumn? For me, here in Spain, it is all shades of yellow. The first leaves to take on a hint of yellow are the walnut trees. The delicate fronds in the asparagus fields turn next. Then suddenly every tree has yellowing leaves, fading golden, falling to dust. The wind has the last say.

5 to remember
para mi – for me
delicado/a – delicate
las frondas – the fronds
amarillamiento – yellowing
el viento – the wind

2 thoughts on “Yellow autumn

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    As a kid living in New Jersey, (eastern seaboard of U.S.) I thought the sky was yellow and that’s how I always colored it. I looked all around carefully and never saw a tinge of blue – ever. That’s New Jersey for you. LOL



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