Tree roots

I find tree roots and tree trunks fascinating. The gnarled texture makes me want to touch it, is it the dichotomy: a living thing that is unmoving and so appears dead? holm oak tree on our track1 28-1-15Of course we only see roots when there’s been a landslip or construction work, or where the roots push above the surface of the earth. We are surrounded here by holm oaks which have satisfyingly rough, twisted trunks and roots. Perhaps it is the idea of roots as an anchor for the giant tree above, doing their work unseen, fastening the tree to the ground while twisting and twining their way through the earth, following water, burrowing down.

5 to remember
fascinante – fascinating
nudoso/a – gnarled
la dicotomía – the dichotomy
un corrimiento de tierra – a landslip
un ancla – an anchor


Hamlyn Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe’ [UK: Hamlyn]

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5 thoughts on “Tree roots

  1. Cindy Bruchman

    I like the shot of the roots moving down the road. Nice post. Did you return to Spain or are you elsewhere now? I remember your post about that cool house you had in the country and I thought you were relocating.



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