This, turned into that

With daily temperatures in the mid-30s now [Centigrade], the valley around us is changing rapidly. Wildflowers are no more, their colourful blooms have done their job and are turning into seedheads which bob in the heavy summer breeze. white flower to seedhead1This [above] is Wild Carrot, Daucus Carota. Its plate-sized white flowers line the roadside verges here until mid-summer when the seedheads appear [below], like goblets lifted to the sun. The umbel [flowerheads which open out rather like umbrellas] are flat or slightly concave, and similarly the seedheads also incurve conspicuously.

5 to remember
agitarse – to bob
al borde de carretera – the roadside verge
una copa – a goblet
un paraguas – an umbrella
conspicuamente – conspicuously
common wildflowers of spain by austen colwell 24-8-15

Common Wildflowers of Spain’ by Austen Colwell [UK: Santana]

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5 thoughts on “This, turned into that

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Don’t ever go near it with clothing or laundry. I once shook out a beach towel, dropped it on a pile of seedbeds, and it never recovered. Lots of sticky seeds attached with nature’s superglue 🙂 SD

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