Mostly green

The veggie patch is a runaway success, it is so much easier growing things here where the sun is a constant. Our only problem is keeping up with output, every year we say we will plant less and then get carried away by the thought of new things to eat. huerta3 22-7-15green bean1 22-7-15pepino 22-7-15This year we have green beans and pepino, which we haven’t grown before. Pepino is a short cucumber with a rough ridged skin [above], and far tastier than the usual long greenhouse cucumber.

5 to remember
escapador – runaway
un suceso – a success
una constante – a constant
la salida – the output
un invernadero – a greenhouse

2 thoughts on “Mostly green

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Yes, but they arrive with gifts of their own veggies! This week’s haul includes pears, potatoes, onions, peppers and aubergines! That’s why we have three freezers… lovely food for the winter 🙂 SD



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