The Río Corbones

Who would have known it, our little river marks the beginning of a rather large one.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

It is the Río Corbones, is 177km long, and rises in the hills near our little village, the village so small it doesn’t appear on maps! From start to finish, it has a vertical drop of 780m. It is fed to left and right by tiny streams until the Corbones becomes a tributary to the mighty Guadalquivir River which finds its way to the sea in the Golfo de Cádiz [see map above]. river, the water is low 17-6-15It has a split personality. In summer [above]: languid and lazy, more difficult to see for the riverside trees and shrubs. In winter [below]: feisty and fast, the water crashes down to two waterfalls.

We can track its course along the bottom of the valley [bottom] by following the line of trees, including the poplars so beloved of the Golden Orioles. the valley2 23-9-155 to remember
las colinas – the hills
un mapa – a map
una caída vertical – a vertical drop
un afluente – a tributary
poderoso/a – mighty

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