The veggie patch in June

As the almond field turns golden as the soil dries to concrete, the veggie patch is blossoming thanks to its regular supply of spring water via our arrangement of irrigation pipes. After watering, the soil in the channels turns to a thick viscous mud. The scrub and rock on the uphill side of the field look rough, but wildflowers still gain a foothold amongst the vegetables. The weeding continues as the malas hierbas like the water too… and the first flowers have appeared on the tomatoes.6 beside the huerta,. rough rock and scrub 17-6-156 blue wildflower 17-6-15Aubergine… 6 aubergine 17-6-15Butternut squash… 6 butternut squash 17-6-15Cabbage… 6 cabbage 17-6-15Courgettes… 6 courgettes 17-6-15Melons… 6 melon 17-6-15Onions… 6 onion, close-up 17-6-15Tomatoes… 6 tomato plant with flower 17-6-15Peppers… 6 peppers 17-6-155 to remember
los malas hierbas – the weeds
cierne – blossoming
el sistema de – the system of
las tuberías de riego – the irrigation pipes
un punto de apoyo – a foothold

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