The veggie patch in May

This is the exciting time, seeing the first leaves poke through, trying to remember which row is which plant. Putting in the seedlings. 5 just planted and watered 21-5-15Now we are planning what to eat, and how to cope with the resulting gluts of:-
Aubergine… 5 baby aubergine 21-5-15Courgettes… 5 baby courgettes 221-5-15Onions… 5 baby onions 21-5-15Green peppers… 5 baby peppers 21-5-15Melons… 5 melon seedlings 21-5-15Tomatoes… 5 tomato, just planted 21-5-155 to remember
una semilla – a seed
una planta de semillero – a seedling
sembrar – to plant/seed/put in
la fila – the row
resultante – resulting

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