A Clouded Yellow butterfly

I followed this butterfly, carefully at a distance, until finally he settled long enough for me to get this photograph. It was a sunny April morning and I was walking along the Thyme Track. Wildflowers were everywhere I looked. Clouded Yellow - male butterfly 14-4-15I am pretty confident it is a male Clouded Yellow butterfly. The male and female markings are very similar, but the male’s yellow marking with the black spot is stronger-coloured than the female’s. They fly from March to November in the Southern Mediterranean. His colouring, seen on the page of a book, looks very bright and you’d think he’d be obvious to spot. But if I hadn’t seen where he landed I would have lost him: the colouring and shape made him look like new spring foliage.

Click here for more about the Clouded Yellow at UK Butterflies.
5 to remember
a una distancia – at a distance
lo suficientemente largo – long enough
una mariposa – a butterfly
las marcas – the markings
obvio/a – obvious

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