Taking the pretty route

Our route to the supermarket for pre-Easter shopping was blessed this morning with everything that is good about the spring. We took the pretty route, less direct, a windy rough road from the village around the mountain to the main road. We saw larks, swallows, Griffons, but no cars or people. Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, wildflowers appearing overnight, the wheat in the fields turning a deep glossy blue-green, asparagus pickers in the fields, and the views…

5 to remember
la ruta bastante – the pretty route
el supermercado – the supermarket
durante la noche – overnight
lustroso/a – glossy
los recolectores – the pickers

2 thoughts on “Taking the pretty route

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    You’re right – very pretty country! I think I’d get lost en route, just wandering around, enjoying the view, and too distracted to complete my errands. The clouds alone are mesmerizing. You do live in a lovely place, Sandra.



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