February in the valley

There are some days in February when it feels like the summer: the sky is clear blue with the odd fluffy white cotton wool-type cloud, the sun is hot and the suntan cream is out. But look closely and the twigs are bare, the berries are dried and hardened from winter, an inch below the surface the soil is damp. But the wildflowers are appearing and we are heading in the right direction. February is one of my favourite months here, the promise of what is to come.

5 to remember
mullido/a – fluffy
la crema bronceadora – the suntan cream
una pulgada – an inch
encallecido/a – hardened
la promesa – the promise

2 thoughts on “February in the valley

  1. Alastair Savage

    People love clouds in Spain, don’t they? It must be because they get so few. Whenever we have any big white clouds up here in Catalunya, photos of them are always given pride of place on the weather part of the news.



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