Black grasshopper

We don’t expect to see grasshoppers at this time of year, if that is in fact what he is. He was a little dozy, sitting on the bench beneath our kitchen window, soaking up the sun. I know the feeling, although the sun is warm the January breeze is chilly. black grasshopper2 28-1-15This is the only black grasshopper I’ve seen in Spain. Identifying a grasshopper is like looking for a needle in a haystack; there are literally thousands of them. black grasshopper3 28-1-15Has anyone else out there in Spain seen a grasshopper like this one? black grasshopper1 28-1-155 to remember
de hecho – in fact
amodorrado/a – dozy
el banco – the bench
una aguja – a needle
un almiar – a haystack

2 thoughts on “Black grasshopper

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