A walk on the Almond Track in January

Winter in the valley is a scene of faded colour, wrinkled fruit, fallen leaves and on some days surprisingly hot sun. The remaining quinces which still cling to the branches are dessicated where they hang… dessicated quince, on the tree 28-1-15Although the leaves have fallen from the wild fig trees, the plums of riverside reeds remain… fig branches and the plume of a reed 28-1-15Underfoot are leaves and acorns… leaves and acorns underfoot 28-1-15But the oak leaves stay green, so much so that this view up the wildside of the track doesn’t look like January… looking up the wildside 28-1-15And the blue sky looks the same in August, the only giveaway is the bare branches… sun through the tree 28-1-15The Almond Field is tidy, ploughed after the almond harvest and the last produce from the veggie patch has been picked… the almond field 28-1-15Rainfall has been minimal and the river is low… the river1 28-1-15In the winter sunshine, the first wildflowers appear… tiny violet wildflowers 28-1-15But the twigs underfoot on the track remind us that it is winter… twigs underfoot 28-1-15The veggie patch awaits spring planting… veggie patch 28-1-15The view across the valley is gilded with silver… view across the valley1 28-1-15view across the valley2 28-1-15The pale grey trunks and branches of the poplars are highlighted by the sun, whitened, lightened… view of poplar in the valley 28-1-15And the view back up the track towards the house winds through the holm oaks. walking back up the track1 28-1-15walking back up the track2 28-1-155 to remember
desecado/a – dessicated
el penacho – the plume
violeta – violet
las ramitas – the twigs
debajo de los pies – underfoot

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