Clear blue sky

I love the winter sky here, it is as blue and clear as a summer sky when the thermometer hits 40°C. Except this is winter and it will dip towards freezing tonight. almond tree & blue sky1 28-1-15Last year’s almonds and walnuts, blackened shells and leaves hang like pendulous earrings… top of the big walnut tree 28-1-15almond tree & blue sky2 28-1-15… weak sunlight dazzles through the holm oaks, which have lost more leaves this winter because of the frost… bare trees, blue sky1 28-1-15bare trees, blue sky2 28-1-15holm oak leaves, above 28-1-15sunlight & holm oak 28-1-15… and my favourite, the branches of the fig tree reach towards the sun. fig tree 28-1-155 to remember
colgante – pendulous
por causa de – because of
deslumbra – it dazzles
extender – to reach
hacia– towards

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