Pomegranate survival

Of all the fruit that grows wild in the valley, the ones which last the longest, surviving the birds, the rain, the winter sun and the wind, is the pomegranate. The skins dry and harden, inside the seeds are still protected. Some remain hanging on the trees, months after ceasing to be edible, others fall and shatter on the ground, easy food for tiny mammals and hungry birds. A superfruit, not that the birds and mice know or mind.

5 to remember
de todos los frutos – of all the fruit
la supervivencia – the survival
protegido/a – protected
dejar de ser – ceasing to be
un súper – a superfruit

4 thoughts on “Pomegranate survival

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    In many cultures they are symbolic of fertility, righteousness, and eternal life. For kids they promise a messy, tasty treat. I’ve painted and crafted the image of pomegranates in many artworks – a lovely fruit. Thanks for the photos, Sandra.



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