A light supper salad

This is one of those dishes invented on the spot by a need and the variety of options available. We’ve got into the habit of nibbling on cheese and almonds in the evening which is fine, but not EVERY evening. So on impulse I took from the cupboard a small jar of chickpeas, and from the fridge a tub of queso para ensalada [the Spanish version of feta]. This is how it turned out. serving bowlful 15-4-15The secret is marinating, so prepare this after breakfast for supper the same day.

Small jar of chickpeas
Feta or queso para ensalada
½ tsp pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
One large salad onion [or half a large white onion] chopped
Zest and juice of a lemon
Handful of freshly-picked mint, rinsed chickpeas, lemon & feta 15-4-15Drain and rinse the chickpeas and put into a bowl, with the drained/crumbled feta. Add the pepper, lemon zest and two generous glugs of olive oil [I apologize for sounding like Jamie Oliver at the moment]. Stir, and set aside.

Sort and rinse the mint leaves, dry, and set aside. mint 15-4-15In a small bowl, add the chopped onion and lemon juice. Set aside. onion in lemon juice 15-4-15When you are ready to eat, tear/chop the mint as you prefer. Combine all ingredients in a serving bowl. Check the seasoning.

5 to remember
cada noche – every evening
en el momento – on the spot
agotado – drained
desmenuzado – crumbled
un glug – a glug

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