November in the valley

The clocks have changed, night draws in, but at the beginning of the month you could be forgiven for thinking summer is still here. In the valley, October closes and November opens with temperatures around 22°C, lows of 11-12°C overnight. As the month progresses, a typical daytime temperature is 17°C falling to 8°C at night*. Nothing the log burner cannot combat, we light the fire as soon as the sun has disappeared.

The effect of these day/night temperature swings on the trees in the valley can be seen in their colours. Autumnal burnished colours from gold to copper and bronze. We are still getting eight hours of sunshine a day, 25% chance of rain, 12% chance of it being a cloudy day, 9% chance of rain**.

* predictions:
** predictions:

5 to remember
perdonado – forgiven
típico – typical
la temperatura – the temperature
durante el día – daytime
bruñido/a – burnished

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