Carob trees

These carob trees grow at the side of the road, bordering two asparagus fields. They offer welcome shade to the asparagus pickers in the springtime, and a couple of wooden benches sit beneath their branches. carob tree5 10-10-14carob tree6 10-10-14carob tree7 10-10-14It is a native tree in Southern Europe, grown both as an ornamental plant or as a crop for its pods which is ground into carob powder, a substitute for cocoa powder. carob tree1 10-10-14carob tree2 10-10-14carob tree3 10-10-14carob tree4 10-10-145 to remember
el algarrobo – a carob tree
la algarobba – a carob bean
un arbol natural – a native tree
una planta ornamental – an ornamental plant
una cosecha –  a crop

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Carob trees look like a broad bean tree, drawn by a child #Spain #Nature via @Spanish_Valley

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