Mackerel sunset

Mackerel skies are beautiful, formed by high altocumulus clouds. I didn’t know there’s another term for this type of sky: a ‘buttermilk sky’. mackerel sunset1 10-10-14The reason for these clouds? The disintegration of an old weather system, so little if any rain occurs during a mackerel sky. When this sky coincides with the sunset, the effect is amazing. mackerel sunset2 10-10-14It was here, the colours getting richer and deeper, changing from moment to moment… mackerel sunset3 10-10-14mackerel sunset4 10-10-14mackerel sunset5 10-10-14mackerel sunset6 10-10-14mackerel sunset7 10-10-14mackerel sunset8 10-10-14mackerel sunset9 10-10-14… and then gone, but the cloud effect remains until the night is black. mackerel sunset - gone1 10-10-14mackerel sunset - gone2 10-10-145 to remember
una caballa – a mackerel [fish]
un cielo abboregado – a mackerel sky
las nubes – the clouds
el término – the term [word]
el suero – the buttermilk

3 thoughts on “Mackerel sunset

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    Wonderful photos of a spectacular sky, and I learned two new words, or at least new connotations of familiar words. Thank you, Sandra, for such beauty and for vocabulary enhancement.
    I’m going to come back to this one, just to savor.



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