Green and gold

At this time of year, life and death seems to sit side-by-side. The reeds beside the river demonstrate this. During the winter, these reeds die off completely but stay in-situ, forming a golden line alongside all riverbanks and streams around here. A winter home for all kinds of small mammals and insects. canes1 5-10-14canes2 5-10-14canes3 5-10-14Now, they are starting to die-off. But some plants still have healthy new growth: it only takes a couple of warm sunny days here and the shrubs get a fresh burst of growth. So now, the riverbanks are lined by this wonderful wall of green and gold, waving in the wind. canes4 5-10-14canes5 5-10-14canes6 5-10-145 to remember
uno al lado del otro – side-by-side
demonstrar – to demonstrate
de todo tipo – all kinds of
ir muriendo – to die-off
la ribera – the riverbank

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