The veggie patch in June

At this time of year, the huerta always looks neat and ordered. The veggies are easily distinguished in their lines, growth is young, fresh and green, the soil looks full of goodness. in regular lines 28-6-14Watermelons…

Onions… a good crop of onions 28-6-14Tomatoes… expecting a good tomato crop 28-6-14Pimentones


Melons… is this a melon 28-6-14We grow them all. But I’ll let you into a secret, when the time comes to pick the melons, tomatoes etc, the huerta will not look like this! It will be a tangled maze of green leaves, the veggies will be hiding beneath the vegetation, some leaves will be showing signs of drought, curling at the edges or dusted with mildew. Not to mention the biting ants.

The veggies… they will taste amazing. But a tidy English allotment it is not! tomatoes soak up the harsh june sun 28-6-145 to remember
arreglado/a – neat
el crecimiento – the growth
el valor – the goodness [of food]
una secreta – a secret
el mildeu – mildew

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