The pomegranate flowers burst open

Pomegranates are always the last to burst into life. pomegranate flowers1 17-5-14Their flower buds are the last to form, the last to open, their fruit the latest to appear and last to be picked. pomegranate flowers4 17-5-14I like the way they are out of kilter with the orchard fruit: pomegranates and figs are the only fruit which grow wild in our valley. We do nothing to them, and we share their harvest with the birds. pomegranate flowers2 17-5-14pomegranate flowers3 17-5-145 to remember
el último – the last
el huerto – the orchard
estar estropeado/a – to be out of kilter
crecen salvajes – they grow wild
compartir algo [con alguien] – to share something [with someone]

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