Baby apples

A promise of food to come. Apple apples1 17-5-14Tarte tatin. Eve’s apples2 17-5-14Apple pie. baby apples3 17-5-14Apple cake. baby apples4 17-5-14Poached apples with sultanas and cinnamon… for breakfast. baby apples5 22-5-14An apple… that crunches when I bite into it. baby apples6 22-5-14Baked apples, core removed and filled with brown sugar and raisins… with custard. baby apples8 22-5-14

Crusty bread, manchego, and apple chutney.

5 to remember
un pastel – a pie
la crema – the custard [hot sauce]
una pasa – a raisin
una tarta – a tart
una conserva agridulce que se come con queso – a chutney

Click here for the 10 best apple recipes, according to The Guardian.

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