Ivy, reaching for light

Ivy. Climbing up a walnut tree, shaded by the river. There’s something human about the stretching shoot, reaching for the sun, fingers of pale green. ivy1 8-5-14ivy3 8-5-14Ivy. Doing the thing that nature has programmed it to do, using the strength of the tree. ivy4 8-5-14ivy5 8-5-14Ivy. Doing its own thing where the tree is in shade. Growing into fresh air, unsupported, just to connect with that brighter patch of light above. ivy2 8-5-14ivy6 8-5-14ivy7 8-5-145 to remember
la hiedra – the ivy
hay algo humano – there’s something human
desplegando/a – stretching
alargando/a – reaching
sin base – unsupported

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