Foraging for wild asparagus

The idea of collecting wild food from the countryside seems something from a bygone age or for devoted foodies. But here it is quite common to see people out for their afternoon stroll on a country road, carrying a bag. At this time of year they are looking for wild asparagus and herbs. Soon it will be fresh spring leaves and fennel. In the autumn, mushrooms.
asparagus1 5-4-15We just missed the asparagus season this year. Espárrago – or párrago as Pablo calls it – is easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. If you don’t it is possible to trample over it and destroy your lunch. It most commonly resembles grass. Once you recognise the leaves of the plant, then you start to see it everywhere. It grows in unploughed, undisturbed soil, so most commonly alongside tracks and up hillsides.

5 to remember
buscar algo – to forage for something [supper]
de antaño – bygone
devoto/a – devoted
un/una gourmet – a foodie
los hongos – the mushrooms

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