A hard-working dung beetle

I am not a lover of insects, or bugs to use the American term. But I am fascinated by their behaviour. This dung beetle worked so hard, was focussed on his task, and didn’t give up. dung beetle7 13-10-14He pushed, pulled, rolled, nudged and generally put in a lot of effort. dung beetle2 13-10-14dung beetle3 13-10-14dung beetle5 13-10-14Scarab beetles are up to 30mm long and are easy to recognise given their habit of pushing along balls of dung with their hind legs. They are extremely common in Spain on patches of bare, sandy ground. Incidentally, they eventually bury their ball of dung. dung beetle4 13-10-14dung beetle6 13-10-14dung beetle1 13-10-145 to remember
un amante de [algo] – a lover of [something]
los insectos – the insects
el término – the term
la conducta – the behaviour
el escarabajo – the beetle

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