Cherry blossom and buds

These buds are so beautiful, one tiny piece of evidence, the proof that winter is turning into spring. cherry blossom bud - close-up1 10-3-14cherry blossom and moon1 10-3-14cherry blossom bud - close-up2 10-3-14cherry blossom and moon2 10-3-14cherry blossom bud - close-up3 10-3-14cherry blossom1 10-3-145 to remember
diminuto/a – tiny
las pruebas – the evidence
el invierno – the winter
un capullo – a flower bud
las pruebas – the proof

4 thoughts on “Cherry blossom and buds

  1. sue marquis bishop

    It is so exciting to look for signs of Spring! I love it… GIves me a boost in energy for sure to make my list for the garden, clean out sock drawers, plan projects for the new season. . Sue



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