Bird song: Blackbird

So familiar that they are often overlooked, blackbirds are one of my favourites precisely because they are always around.



Usually to be seen in pairs, the male [above] is black with a yellow beak and a yellow ring around his eye. The female [below] is dark brown with the same yellow beak and a dark spotted or mottled underside.



Always singing, either for the dawn chorus, a musical warbling, when happy; or an agitated sharp ‘pink pink pink’ usually when we are out on one of our walks and tread too near a nest. Last spring a pair of blackbirds raised two broods in a small nest in a honeysuckle bush, so we are hoping they will return this year.

Listen to the blackbird’s song here at You Tube.
Click here for more about blackbirds at the RSPB website… or at Arkive.

5 to remember
conocido/a – familiar
con presición – precisely
nervioso/a – agitated
una nidada – a brood
la canción – the song

[photo: RSPB]

Listen to the song of these other birds we see in our Spanish valley:-
Red-Legged Partridge
Booted Eagle

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10 thoughts on “Bird song: Blackbird

  1. Alastair Savage

    I love them too. They’re rather fond of worms I remember.
    One more item for your wordlist – el mirlo, the blackbird itself.


  2. sue marquis bishop

    We are enjoying them in our garden… We put out some mealworms and seeds for them… Thanks for sharing the blackbird’s song on utube… sue


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