January in the valley

At this time, we expect everything to be dead or hibernating. thyme track1 28-1-15But a walk along The Thyme Track [above] proves and disproves that expectation. Dead leaves, dead grass. Yes…a few leaves, hanging on1 28-1-15a few leaves, hanging on2 28-1-15dead grass beside the track 28-1-15dead leaves underfoot 28-1-15Rain, lots of it. Yes, and no… puddle on the track 28-1-15dry track, dry drainage ditch 28-1-15Nothing growing. No… fresh green growth1 28-1-15fresh green growth2 28-1-15fresh sprigs of olive growth 28-1-15Bleached colours, no flowers, bare twigs and branches. Not everywhere, if you look carefully… jose antonio's valley1 28-1-15glorious tree 28-1-15gorse 28-1-15pale golden tree 28-1-15white daisy wildflower 28-1-15No sign of procreation… except this bird’s nest left from last year and being guarded noisily by blackbirds. last year's bird nest 28-1-15

If you look for life, it is there.
5 to remember
la esperanza – the expectation
la hibernación – the hibernation
la procreación – the procreation
un nido – a bird’s nest
ruidosamente – noisily

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